Sunday, July 16, 2006

Closet Christians

One of the things that inspired me at FGC was hearing more Friends from my own Pacific Yearly Meeting speak openly about identifying as Christian. My sense is that it's almost like coming out for many of us. I've struggled with it a lot over the years, going through a very outspoken period in my teenage years, but later often largely in the closet. (Yes, the parallels to gender identification are deliberate.)

It has been easy for me to give in to fears of people thinking I'm one of "them", sharing the name of Christian with all those who have perpetrated evil in God's name. But I think we sell Jesus short if we are not visible to others as witnesses to his love. I have been powerfully moved by the example of the Friends and Christians I know who are living examples of faithfulness to God's guidance, of turning readily to prayer, of trust in God's providence, of willingness to take risks in the eyes of the world. And when I hear such role models speak openly of the source of their strength and confidence (not always Jesus, but often), I am inspired to walk further on that same path.

One step at a time...


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